Working on a (mostly) off-grid LAN.
Basically just a real-life meetup in or around Arnhem (eg. somewhere in a park) where we have some banter and some offline IT (or non-IT, whatever people attending want) fun.
Of course, taking the covid-19 shit in mind.

wrote an entire custom DNS server (using DoH only atm) for it, added a Matrix server (along with Element so people have a start) and a wiki for it :)
Still need to add a Gitea server (or similar, any suggestions?) to it tho.
Gonna see to have some trial-runs by myself (or maybe with 1 or 2 people) soon.

Soooo exited o see two months worth of planning and development start coming together :3

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    It is an offline wireless hotspot where you come, connect and communicate with others? Sounds like cyberpunk.
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    @iiii Idk if it's like cyberpunk but yes, it's basically just come, connect and communicate through an offline wireless hotspot (though if I can get all the gear required, I might add some way for people to just connect using a cable instead).
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    @FinlayDaG33k I remember about some devices which are basically hidden wireless ftp servers. So it's like an off-grid file exchange.
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    @iiii Hmm, yea I have heard of those as well, just never saw them (I did find some Deaddrops here n there tho).

    This network I'm trying to get going won't just be for file exchange tho.

    people are welcome to run all kinds of services on it like game servers, ftp servers etc.

    As long as it is within the rules (which is basically general shit like: "Use your damn noggin and don't start spreading CP, infecting people with malware etc. etc.") people are welcome to run it on the network (which is exactly why I built that DNS server).

    There is also a wiki on it (like I mentioned in my OP) where people can write tutorials/guides and other content on for others to enjoy :)
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    - off-grid
    - Arkham?
    - matrix
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    @uyouthe some reference I am missing? D:
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    @FinlayDaG33k read your own rant again mate
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    @uyouthe I still dun see it D:
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    @uyouthe Where on earth do you see Arkham?
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    @linuxxx Arnhem, I suppose.
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    @linuxxx arnhem sounds like arkham
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    @uyouthe Ohhh, Arnhem is a big city in the Netherlands haha
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    @uyouthe ahh, that explains it :p

    Doesn't sound too similar to me because the "k" makes an obvious difference (we pronounce the "k" quite hard here) so thats why I didn't get the "joke" :p
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