Things that still feel like they were yesterday:
- Microsoft buying Skype
- WiFi 802.11n
- USB 3.0
- Android 5.0, Material design
- Microsoft buying Nokia
- “Grid layout is an experimental technology”

Nobody even uses Skype anymore. I’m still looking for “is it support that WiFi n-word” when choosing a router. Yes it supports it. Everything that happened since 2009 supports it. Usb 3.0 was released in 2008, 12 years ago, and I’m still happy when it’s a blue connector instead of white. Android 5.0 was released 6 years ago.

I don’t understand HOW can I know that the newest but not exactly bleeding edge web specs like clamp function aren’t the newest and use them but still believe that grid layout is an experimental technology despite using it in production and FUCKING LOOKING AT CANIUSE TABLE and FUCKING THINKING THAT USB 3.0 WAS RELEASED JUST NOW while working on the laptop that FUCKING HAS TYPE C as its only port

It looks like somebody should go have his time perception module checked

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    to be fair. a lot of stuff still uses USB 2 at most. A LOT
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    I still use Skype :)
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    Tech is old, adoption is slow, tech feels new when adoption starts to pickup.
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    @NickyBones lemme guess, you use it because you have to communicate with that old scientists who only use skype and pigeon mail?
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    @uyouthe My parents are not scientists but yes :)
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    Andriod 5.0?
    If I look back ICS and jellybean looks like os 2-3 years ago. Then I start to calculate time and realise that was 8+ years ago.
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    I use Skype.
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    I have an Android 4.4 kitkat phone and that is beautiful
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    Even tho grid has great support now, I still have only used it once in a side project.

    Flexbox is still my go-to for everything.
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    *screams in confusion*
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    Skype... *shivers* 🤢
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    @linuxxx I went through a lot but I managed to delete my ms account
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    i still use 4x boot DVDs, floppies, USB 1.1, 802.11b/g (thanks Nintendo) and BBS boards regularly so like

    just use shit if it still works.
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    I used skype till few months ago, than they switched to electron.

    What's funnny that apple use usb-c only on their laptop, recently on ipad, but they use lightning on iphone ROTFL... Glad i don't buy their overpriced shit
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    @dontbeevil crapple haha
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