I fucked up...

I inadvertently fixed a bug which changed the behavior in another application. Weeks later had a seemingly unrelated issue which my initial assumption was to blame a 3rd part tool (which was wrong). I gave said assumption to my manager not thinking anything of it and putting a simple change in place.

Higher ups start asking my manager about it, he provides details...the more I thought about it the more I realized the changes I made did not make sense.

I dug deeper into it and found it was due to the change I made weeks ago. So my manager offers to cover for me but i told him I'd take full responsibility.

I'm not getting fired or any type of reprimand at all...I just hate fucking up and then it looks like we are trying to lie about it being our fault.

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    You did the best thing you can do.
    Take ownership and it shows really good responsibility and maturity.
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    If you're not fucking up now and then, you're not coding.
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    If thr higher ups are somehow decent human beings, they should realize that you're honest.

    Honesty means trust.

    Don't blame yourself - I can feel your frustration and understand it, but your behaviour and second guessing your work was important.

    If anyone blames you for admitting a mistake and fixing it by yourself, he should take a deep dive in a shredder.
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    Yeah it feels terrible to make mistakes but hey not everything is 100%. As long as you are learning and honest, all is good.
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