Have you ever felt like you don't want to fall asleep?

I do feel that quite often but I don't know why.

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    Too much stress could be a reason. A while ago, I found this technique very helpful https://youtu.be/FWGuy4oOQgQ.
    And for myself, it was helpful to sleep without a pillow. After two challenging weeks, my sleep was much better than before.
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    Try some melatonin vitamins?
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    @Stuxnet self medication is bad hmkay
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    Yes - in the middle of the day when I'm meant to be working.

    At night it's usually the opposite - I want to fall asleep and I can't.

    Pretty convinced I should just be nocturnal.
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    Sleep brah, apple ain't gonna launch a better product yet
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    Every night Sunday through Thursday. When I sleep, it means I have to get up and work. If I stay up instead, I have some precious time to myself, though I’m usually too tired to actually enjoy it.
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    @IntrusionCM It's a fucking V I T A M I N.

    Calm down karen. I didn't tell him to go buy a shit ton of percs or down a bottle of Zquil.
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    @iii what @Sumafu said.

    Stress. I am facing the same. Racing thoughts and anxiety keeping me up.

    Mindfulness and relaxation works.

    Not sure about vitamin d3 that stux mentioned but avoid self medication.
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    @Stuxnet it's not that I'm don't feel sleepy, I just don't feel like allowing myself to fall asleep.
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    @iiii i am the same way. I got two choices, couple of glasses of tequila, couple of beers, whiskey ooooor melatonin. All items over the counter(tee hee)

    I pop 3 20 something grams of melatonin and I won't be able to fight the urge to stay awake. I forgot the name of the condition, but people really be out there trying to stay up even if they feel that tiredness man it's horrible.

    I hate it, but I love it.
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    @AleCx04 I fight all my life. Might as well fight the sleep too.
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    @iiii ok well like @AleCx04 said.

    You won't be able to resist it.
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    @Root now THAT'S a trooper
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    @IntrusionCM do people require a prescription for melatonin in Germany? Here it is the same for us as buying aspirin or stuff like that. It is recommended to check with a physician, but most of them wave the thing away like its nothing and just tell you not to drive after you take them
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    @Root your story feels like something similar. Sometimes I do feel like I don't want a day to end, so the new won't start (silly meat brain doesn't know how days work)
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    @Stuxnet it's not a vitamin. it's a hormone.

    Very big difference.

    @AleCx04 not sure, usually there's a limit per pill (like up to 0.5 mg per pill is sellable, above needs a perscription)

    Melatonin as a hormone isn't bad as long as it's "once in a few weeks". For long term treatment it's definitely a No No, as hormonal changes could occur.

    Side effects of hormonal changes... Sleep deprivation, depression, suicidal thoughts, ...

    The limit per pill is a bit ridiculous as you just need to take more pills - it' just a bit of math.
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    When I'm happy and I know it will end soon or when I want to finish something.
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    I can't sleep knowing that I have a lot of things to do.
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    @IntrusionCM sure thing chief.

    You're making it sound 1000x worse than it is, but ok.
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