Just a thought.

If your project has good coverage with tests, it should be possible to develop an algorithm that recreates your production code entirely from tests.

Just look at IntelliJ - its autosuggestions on missing properties/methods are 99% times correct - I only need to hit that ENTER button. Add some AI to recreate some algorithms and there you go - you can use your tests as both: code specs and a part of QA.

Any takers for the next AI project? :)

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    That's why I use lombok, but manually initiate preprocessor updates. Really fuck with it 😸
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    You want me to write tests? Downvoted.
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    @Elyz take it back or I'll script you out of your work with my code-from-tests generator! And then I'll hire you as a unittests' developer!
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    @netikras I'd rather live on the streets in a soggy cardboard box than be hired as a tester! *Shakes fist angrily*
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