iOS 14, two thoughts.

1. It manipulates people. They added app gallery and now when you try to delete app it asks you if it should rather hide it into the app gallery, exploiting your hoarder bias so you have more apps and thus more notifications if you haven't disabled them. That's a no from me.

2. It fixed a LOT of bugs and annoyances. I quit next js because of the exact same thing being important to me — they were busy doing only the new features to constantly pitch and lure investors, they never responded to issues and never fixed anything. I'm happy that Apple realizes that it's important to fix bugs.

Overall I'm happy. My iPhone X is pretty old already (87% battery capacity remaining) but it's much faster with iOS 14 than with iOS 13. The main thing is reduced latency pretty much everywhere. Especially the screenshots, I'm barely detecting the click and the screenshot is already done. No perceivable latency if you ask me. New refreshed look is amazing, backside tap actions are cool, new music app is amazing.

People tell me that apple is forcing you to buy new gadgets with updates but explain to me then WHY my old iphone X got much faster with new iOS? That's a contradiction. If I buy a new iPhone it'll be because of dead battery (that's physics and not exclusively Apple issue) or just because I want 120hz and lidar bokeh.

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    Well people say that because Apple DOES slow down old devices with their updates. They may have very valid reasons to do so. I know zilch about hardware, so I'll defer to them. But it's known that they do do this.

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    @justamuslimguy iPhone se — no lags in 2020. iPhone 6S — no lags in 2020. iPhone X — faster in 2020 than in 2019. I have access to all three phones
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    @uyouthe please read the link I attached. It has links to Apple support pages where they mention which models they degrade performance on. If they themselves admit to doing it, all our personal benchmarks don't matter.
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    @justamuslimguy yes they matter :) because facts is what matters, not some corporate allegations
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    @uyouthe But the fact is that they do it. It's an established fact in a court of law. I understand what you are saying. I am not against you at all. I also think iOS devices have great performance compared to their comparable age Android models. And I also think among a certain set of programmers, "performance" is kind of mythical in that whether it noticeably changes or not, some programmers always harp on it (understandably).

    But people always tell you that iPhones get slower with each update because they actually do. You may not notice it in your 3 phones. But among all the iPhones out there, the millions of older ones do get slower, and this is reported in the media people read. And you can't blame them for telling you what they read and what they experience.
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    As far as I'm aware, the slowdown that apple does with older devices is a fact. They try to justify it but imo, it should be the users' choice.

    But hey, apple doesn't like giving users choice as much so yeah
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    @justamuslimguy @linuxxx Listen. Listen.

    1. You go to battery settings
    2. You flip the switch and express your agreement that your device might be damaged if performance is not limited
    3. Your device operates at full performance. Sometimes if you battery is too fucked it will reset if you try to play some 3D game while it’s cold outside.

    My iPhone se is four years old, no lags.

    You heard something and you just let your confirmation bias think for you. You never verified. You never did any kind of research. You just stumbled upon it, googled the topic and were like “many articles huh I guess it’s true”.
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    @uyouthe Oh no, now you're presuming. I head this from someone with an iPhone who was getting extremely agitated that their device was getting slow/sluggish. Found this out and changed the settings and is now not as happy with apple anymore!

    And for the record, I've had an iPhone myself. But, worst phone choice of my life, imo.

    But, I think a phone is made extremely bad if it has to limit speed to not cause damage...
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    @linuxxx that’s how lithium batteries work. They degrade over time. My meizu also reset in same scenarios when it got old
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    @uyouthe I've never ever had this 😅
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    @linuxxx you’re either lucky or you pick your devices carefully and choose brands that use batteries that aren’t garbage. Apple batteries are garbage but that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent an apple device from getting slow over time
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    @uyouthe @linuxxx you are both right. Apple originally did the slowing involuntarily, but then made it optional when they got found out. It wasn’t forthright, but it is what it is. Apples laptop practices and supply chain are where they are truly despicable. Their phones, user manipulation, and software are just par the course for the market.
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    Hide unwanted apps away? Sounds like they want to skimp on the costs of users redownloading from their app store.

    I will uninstall, thank you very much.
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