When your comp sci teacher says we're gonna start to code today, then tells you to open scratch .-.

(Still in highschool)

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    Oh dear God
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    I know it sucks, but he happy you at least have a CS course at your High School. Most don't.
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    I use stencyl now cause I can do both block and code at the same time.
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    The closest I got to a programming class in high school was a word processing class. I got in trouble for using the Internet
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    My first class had us use Scratch. This was university
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    I feel your pain. So many teachers in elementary school through high school are too hold handy. Why am I spending class periods and class periods learning how to move an object, when I could learn about useful things like networking, or OOP?
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    @SpencerBeige yea being into this class already pretty much proficient in Java is a pain. I just work on my side projects while I'm in the class.
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    @Maude most universities seem to start teaching the most basic concepts in scratch then move on to c or c++
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