Do you get filled with anxiety and mental anguish when asked for your availability for a technical interview, knowing you’ve spent all your time recently programming and not working on algorithms/data structures and so you’re terribly unprepared but have no idea what the acceptable amount of time to schedule out without seeming like you’re incompetent is?


....me neither. (She says, lying)

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    I used to, sure. Mostly early in my career.

    I don't interview anymore for the most part, but when I did after about 10 years as an engineer, my anxiety came from different places;

    "Is this interview legit, or are they just wasting my time as a stalking horse?"
    "Are they going to try and lowball me? Will my counteroffer for reasonable pay be rejected?"
    "Am I going to get shot down by that one guy who just wants to hire his friend/some dick who thinks women will destroy their team dynamic?"
    "Is this just going to be another interview with a room full of h1bs dudes wasting my time?"
    "Is the interview going to be with someone significantly younger than me, high on the dunning kruger curve?"
    "Is some old dude going to look at me and assume I'm 10 years younger than I am and think my resume is bullshit?"
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    What SortOfTested said.

    Incompetence can be fixed.

    Fucked up job... Not really.

    I'm not good at Interviews because I don't know how to treat unknown humans.

    My biggest fear is that either I or the Interviewer leaves the room crying....
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    Yea technical interviews are usually manger suckage and involve jargon I haven't actually used since I studied
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    well, memorize bubble sort, and the phi trick for fibonacci. those usually impress idiots.
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    Where I am, algorithms or data structures aren't a common aspect of the technical interview.
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    And sincerely kind of doubt the usefulness of those kind of interviews. I had to deal with those some times and in the last one I understood they just waste my time given the context of the hiring company, so now forward I'm gonna answer the sincere way:
    "I don't learn algorithms and stick them in the memory, I do a smarter thing, I search, understand and apply them when necessary."

    And if they find it unacceptable, good for me for not wasting anyone's time further.
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