I forgot about October...

Now those November deadlines look more reasonable.

I realized because I was checking when is get my mail-in ballot and apparently it needs to be returned by Nov 3. And well today is Sep 17...

It also recommended sending it back 2wks before which would be like now.

So I had a melt down like wtf, I didn't get it yet!!!

And then well... Yea...

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    Yep. The good news is in most places that had interference, they've rolled back the intentional hamstringing of the mail.

    I don't have mine either, but I'll fill it out and return it same day.
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    @SortOfTested I dunno how he still has supporters but from the news headlines I get in my notifs... HeWhoMustNotBeNamed should just be declared insane and unfit for office...

    No idea how anyone can still believe anything that comes out of his mouth...
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    Are you my alter ego?! 🤔

    Similar thing happened to me today..
    s: What's the deadline for A? And what for A'?
    B: Let me check.. both around start of november..
    s: Are you crazy?! You want this done & tested before november?! O.o A is not possible let alone A'!!
    B: Huh?! You have more than a month to complete A, don't tell me it cannot be done..
    s: more tha a month?! O.o oh, right, september, OCTOBER, november.. yeah, sorry for the overreaction..
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    Are there elections coming up somewhere?
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    @AlmondSauce if you haven't heard yet, the US one is coming soon...

    I thought the whole world knew given how much noise there is around it...
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    @donuts Come live under my rock 😁
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    @AlmondSauce oh is Brexit really loud over there? I only hear about it because I have the Economist.

    Seems Mr. Johnson is being Trump v2...
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    @donuts Yup, between covid, Brexit and our government breaking international law by threatening peace in NI, we've got more than enough noise over here I'm already trying to hide from.

    Still, if you vote an incompetent oaf into government, what do you expect.
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    This kind of thing happens to me a lot so I learned the hard way not to lose my mind, at least not in public.
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    @AlmondSauce NI = Northern Ireland?
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    @jeeper Yup, I'm closer to London though.
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