**Front End Job Interview**

Recruiter:We want people that have 7 years in react
Me: Well I have 5 considering react came out in 2014
Recruiter:So why did you come here ?
Me:I’m broke, I need a job and I have skills
Recruiter:Ok then..
Recruiter:For your code question,we want you to make a responsive web page with these frameworks and the source code.
*gives link to source code*
Me:Ok I can finish this in 3-5 days
Recruiter:we expect that you have 2 days to finish this
Me: Ok challenge accepted
*Finished website in 2 days*
Recruiter:This is a well made website, I’m impressed
Me:Thank you, it took time but I did it
Recruiter:You know what that means
Me: What?
Recruiter:Welcome to the club, you start next week
Me:LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO, WOOOHOO, I’ll make you proud with my skills!!!!.

Moral:If you have a little humor and skills, you WILL get the job

I started the job a week later and it was AMAZING

*Based on a true story*

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    is that really how the tech interviews go? build a website in x days? I keep getting reeled into front end work so I figure I might as well continue. but that sounds kinda lame.
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    @energy-vampire it’s kinda different tin Toronto. They would ask you to make them a website in x days for a front end/ web developer job. I went to the front end job so that was how it’s like
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