what the fuck is wrong with boomer professors ?? I enrolled in a front-end development elective at my uni in hopes to just brush up on some little things I may have missed on my self taught education.

this class has been an absolute tragedy. he spends about 1 hr each class trying to figure out how to configure docker... FOR A PROJECT THAT IS JUST BARE HTML CSS JS. WHY??? he is so adamant that we use DOCKER for this class. I don't understand why.

most of the students are BRAND NEW to front end development and know Jack shit. and here this professor is insisting on nuancing the class with docker. it makes absolutely no sense.

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    It's one fucking docker command, what is he doing?!

    And this probably puts of a lot of students
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    My guess is he's trying to avoid the variable configurable problem by putting it all in a single env with docker. Which isn't entirely a bad instinct, but it does move the point of failure from software to hardware, which creates a higher probability of uncorrectable issues.

    Git is objectively the better option.
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    The amount of "works on my machine" with just HTML, css, and a little JS is pretty dang low... seems unnecessary.
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    Ignore the Docker addiction - why is he starting Frontend with JavaScript?

    I am sure, you will end up using it for everything that could be done with plain HTML5 and CSS3 anyway.
    But he should at least try to teach the incredible power of plain HTML5 and CSS3 first.
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    @Oktokolo everybody knows that the only way to change the background color of a website is through jQuery
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    What univ are you in?. The univ I went to (University Of British Columbia) had a front end course and it was actually not bad
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    @alexbrooklyn that only works in docker ;)
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