How do you deal with choice paralysis?

Like I should do X but rather do Y
But I don't feel like doing Y now either so should do Z

But that's no fun/productive...ah wtf let's just do A,B, C after I take a nice long nap...

And then after the weekend, nothing I should've done got done...

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    Pick one....flip coin if needed.

    The important thing is what you do, fretting won't make it better. If you get it wrong, now you know.
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    Liberal application of Occam's razor
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    @SortOfTested but sure how that's applicable?

    Not looking to decide between 2 explanations... More just how to make a plan and stick to it rather than just throwing it out... or maybe it's called procrastinating... Though not sure how I can procrastinate on watching tv.... Or more like streaming services I paid for.

    I add movies but never actually watch them and sorta applies to a lot of these....

    It never they're the problem... One started there no actual ending.... So not much sense of accomplishment?
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    If you can't decide on anything, they're equal. The question is then decided by which is less likely to fuck you in the future.
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    I don't. I will procrastinate a little bit trying to decide each one is more important, the deadline will start to be near and I will do the first one I remember to be able to meet the deadline.
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    @brunofontes what if the deadline is MIN(life, infinity) though?
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    @SortOfTested well they each fck me over in different ways... One being less time for the other?
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    And well the answer to that actually is sleep... And eating but even those can fck me over...
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    @donuts that's a hard one. I would make the most enjoyable first. :)
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    I mean I just get them started and whichever I can still think about wins out, unless they're obligations, in which case they're done in order of time efficiency
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    Biting the sour apple and just get things done is usually the best option.

    At least when weekend comes its easier to relax knowing its done and not waiting for you monday ;)

    For indecision I learned a trick.

    Flip a coin but rather than going with the result right of, think about the outcome, are you happy or disappointed.

    If your happy its the preferred one, but if you feel unhappy you might want to go with the other one ;)

    Its a way to try to force the subconscious to help you decide:)
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    Choice paralysis is fucking real. I can’t even choose between two things. “SOMEONE ELSE CHOOSE FOR PLUTO’S SAKE!”
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    @Voxera well for example I have a reason list of 100 blinks (15min summaries of books) and I have a watch list of 100 movies.

    The precise is I will spend X hrs to reduce that number by Y... But over the next week or so, Z will probably get added where Z > Y.

    Reading/watching them will be enjoyable but I guess I end up asking what's the point? Sorta like competing goals...

    Then I just end up playing games maybe since the research is imediate except after the weekend I go... Fck...
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    @donuts oh ;)

    I can sort of relate except I almost always choose games or programming or reading over watching films or series.

    There is just always more I would like to fi and see and doing is often more rewarding.

    Books are easier, theres just not enough good authors I like to fill the time I like to read :(
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    @Voxera I read nonfiction but figured out like 5yrs ago, most of the books are fluff...

    "Just get to the point already"

    But summaries still take time to read...
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    And I just realized the kb screwed up a lot of what I typed... Guess that's what happens when replying first thing in the morning...
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    Actually I think I figured it out... Wit everything down in a list...

    Then it's easier to just follow it then think about where to do next...

    At least something in the list will get done or started...
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