This book has literally 123 chapters. How the hell does the non-sinplified version look like?

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    A complete version has only ever been assembled once (and the book containing the assembled knowledge promptly collapsed into a black hole).

    So enjoy the condensed version you hold in your hands. Anything more complete is simply too much for the universe to bear.
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    It doesn't exhaustively cover category theory 🍻
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    Category theory is a buzzword. As long as you know it you can figure out everything, but there is general systems theory, a much more approachable thing that you can actually learn and easily build your entire development vision on top of
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    I wouldn't call that a buzzword. You don't have to know it, but it's a weekend read with the requisite math background, so might as well.
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    @SortOfTested well cpp is a weekend read with a proper background
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    I have that book in kindle format. I like it. Functional programming is an interesting academic experiment for me. Not something I really use at work tbh, but always a good way to learn knew things and think about software development in a different light.
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    If only the authors had focused on functional learning as much as they focused on functional programming
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    @SortOfTested @uyouthe and it's only a weekend read if you don't want to get into the more fun things like kan extensions and limits :p
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