I wish I could do the following legally....

Spank someones butt with good horse hair whip.

Draw smilies with sriracha on the butt.

Let him write 1000 times "I'll keep my half knowledge and thus profound dumbness to myself - or ask politely instead of barking orders" with his red hot sriracha butt.

Let him lick it clean, his filthy mouth needs it.

And hopefully. Hopefully. Pain would teach him the lesson that his half assed knowledge and narcisstic behaviour does more harm than good - especially to himself.

Backstory: I had a full dual phone conference and video chat experience because someone was so full of shit... Eh. Narcisstic self believe. That he nearly destroyed an ongoing migration, made upper management nervous, and letting me deal with the still ongoing migration, conference / chatting and so on.

And yes. The date for migration was fixed. He could have spout his nonsense before.

Damn it, so many ideas to turn a human body into !!*!"!!*!*!*!!*

He launched a fullblown discussion on a saturday during an ongoing migration based on outdated knowledge claiming the right to know it all. R I P.

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    Aren't at least some of those things legal?
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    @Jilano dunno. But don't give me false hope, I have more than enough ideas.
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    @IntrusionCM Hey, as long as you don't get caught, all is well. (Not a good start talking about it, though)
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    You can legally do this all. You only need consent and then go for it, there are people who enjoy this. I am one of them 😉

    Btw wasabi inside > sriracha inside
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    @uyouthe yeah.

    I just wanted to rant, sorry to make your ovaries go "I know better" ;)

    I don't think this god complex person would give anyone consent - it would mean someone knew better than him how to have sex with himself. God forbid! What blasphemy!
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    @Jilano it depends on whether consent is given. And also whether its okay to be gay in the location.
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    @rutee07 we need your thoughts on this
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