felt like it is 1998 ..

vSphere app only available as a Windows exe while my baby is a MacBook,,

Ended up with multilayers

Virtual box

Damn these 6 hr n/w installations

Who the hell just does a win only app .. #fail

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    At work I got Windows 10 on one screen and Windows XP (as a VM) on the other. Because "our software has to run on all windows versions"
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    @katho2404 that ..! should be deemed illegal. & someone ought to b in jail
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    If I recall they've moved most of there functionality from the vsphere client onto their Web app (which is nice btw) the only problem being you need to install the fucker as part of your esxi iso file
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    @daarkfall vsphere 5.5 on has web client. And they actually didn't add new functionality to the Windows client after 5
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