Why is it, that every time Microsoft updates their Office, it gets worse?

You want your “ribbon simplified?” You’ve got it, we removed all the buttons that you usually need.

You want a clearer view of items? You’ve got it, we doubled the font size and added 10cm empty spaces between emails in the list.

Wanna see how the weather in Washington? You’ve got it. We added the forecast info there automatically. We know that it’s like 20 000km away from you!

What else could we do in future to fuck up your setup more?

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    Even Microsoft hates Windows and MS Office. They try to get people to switch to some Linux and Libre Office, so they can finally let the legacy crap die.
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    I suspect you might enjoy this https://youtu.be/dKx1wnXClcI
    Ribbon mentioned.
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    @electrineer , exactly.

    I was forced with the Outlook update. I didn't need any new features, but now there's extra space between emails in the list. I see less emails now, than I used to. Why? How do I get rid of it? What's the magic hidden option?

    How come Thunderbird made tree sorting of emails work 20 years ago, but Outlook still has no clue how to do it?
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    in case of outlook:

    view > change view > compact

    advanced > other setting > fonr size

    won't help much, but at least something

    But yeah, i hate most of the ribbon related changes too. Generally, any attempts to push touch-styled UI into desktop applications.
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    @qwwerty , Had to check. I was already "compact" :(

    Ok, one could use some other email client. But then there's the calendar, creating meetings with Teams invites etc. Microsoft has managed to secure their positin...

    They should just open the protocols to everyone and let people do their own clients.
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    It seems that you need to click View-tab and then click frm Layout "Use Tighter Spacing" to get back the tight view.

    So, it's nice that updates just ignore you previous setup and overwrite them with their own. I am supprised that it didn't force me that stupid "focused" email view this time...
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