You'd think with all the data Facebook and Google collect, they'd be able to air some halfway relevant political ads.

Having ads I don't agree with shoved down my throat isn't going to make me change my views, it's just going to make me resent that particular group or person more.

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    Just a swag here, but when the purchasers selected the demographic they wanted to air the ads to, it probably wasn't, "the voters we already have in our pocket."
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    "I don't agree"

    "make me change my views"

    I would like to break your delusion by saying Facebook doesn't operate for you only and they have a wider target audience who are more gullible than you.

    And saying something will not impact you is the first/early sign of something that is impacting you.

    Universe doesn't revolve around us.
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    Stuxy, I vaguely remember talking about it with you, but why aren't you using an adblocker?

    @F1973 Whoa, whoa! Slow down! Next you're going to tell me the Earth isn't flat and we're the one revolving around the Sun... Pfff
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    @Jilano What??? No... Do I look stupid?

    The Sun is a flat disc facing us. Earth is perfectly round like @irene's fake tiddies...
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    @F1973 🏐🏐
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    @F1973 mate not everything has to have a deeper meaning that's on some philosophical shit lmao. It's genuinely just complaining about ads not being relevant considering they collect data. It's all surface level stuff lol
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    @Stuxnet well it's not deeper. It's just that they are not personalised to you.

    Yes, you can complain about whatever you want that way.
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    Nice, @irene is chick again!
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    @sladuled gender fluid.
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    @F1973 I think you meant wiper fluid
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    Gender fluid, that's like people who are more open to homosexual activity when they've had some liquid courage, right? 😋
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    @SortOfTested Wouldn't you have to be fairly close already to share "that"?
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    @SortOfTested @Jilano I am out of this conversation 😝😝😝
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    @F1973 You always leave before the fun even begins... *smh*
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    Depends on how liable you are.
    It might not change your thoughts now but at least get you exposed to them.
    Ads are not about change, people think you see advertisement and some fairy decides you suddenly believe in whole crap you saw.
    It’s just about exposition, the more exposition you have the more probability that you find people who agree with you. At the same time the more exposition you receive the more probability that you will change your thoughts.
    When you got exposed to ad your mind can remember it without your knowledge. It might be reminded to you in some unexpected moment and while you don’t agree with something right now that particular moment in future might be different cause you were exposed to many things over time.
    If you go to supermarket you buy products that look familiar or look at each product and check how it’s made ? :)
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    @Jilano Are you stripping?
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    @F1973 Can't strip if you're not wearing any cloth to begin with
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    Hot take: People buying ad placement and Facebook have different goals in who should see the ads.

    Facebook needs to sell engagement, and you get more engagement from showing content that the user disagrees with. People are more likely to watch, comment, and share a flat earth video than one that discredits it.
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    @F1973 Let me tell you about my fluid. 🤣🤣🤣
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