I moved from a no-dogs-allowed company to an office with three dogs in.
Forget the better salary, the more freedoms, the nicer boss I have now.
The main benefit is that I get to pet dogs every day now!

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    Dog bless!
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    Maybe they got the idea of dog fooding wrong?
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    I was in a dog friendly office for 2 years. On multiple occasions the dogs would just poop in the office. Not fun.
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    How can you actually work with attention hungry creatures in the same building?
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    @iiii Why, PMs are always there anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop lol, my PMs weren't like that
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    Sounds awesome in theory, although not sure how I would fare in such an environment. I have an australian shepherd who refuses your refusal to play. If grabbing one toy and nudging your leg with it doesn't work, she'll go and grab another toy to see if that works. The cycle continues until you comply. No mercy.
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    I hope they are all neutered..

    I'm reminded of a management training exercise we had, imagine the following:

    A new person starts at the company who has a blind dog with them, and one of your staff is allergic to dogs, what do you do ?

    The Political Correct answer is, sack the person who is allergic to dogs..

    My answer was, don't hire someone with a dog if someone else is already allergic !

    That would be like, if you already had someone with a blind dog and you hired someone who was allergic, sacking the blind person..

    Dogs are great.

    Poo on the other hand, not so..

    Even worse, is when they eat it, and want to lick you !
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    Sounds like working at home with the family. ;-)
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