devRant is a place to rant. Not a journal of best practices.

Can I just rant without giving a long winded backstory?

Do I have to explain myself to prevent people from commenting that the problem must be me?

If you read a rant, and you can't relate to it sympathetically.

Move along! That rant is not for you!

When people are trying to vent no one wants to see your snippy little comment about how 'unprofessional' they are being.

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    Yeah, I have to agree with this, I personally tell longer rants when context is important, but the OS wars and snide remarks don't add anything.

    I often start commenting and think "I'm adding nothing to the thread with this comment, so I simply won't post anything".
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    @nmunro lets try to make this devrant best practice
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    And so, another standard is born.
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    Nice rant.
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    @dfox should put this in as the welcome message.... A tutorial :D
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    Don't do dis man...let me get my brownie points...
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    * dancing and singing and whoopi goldberg around
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