I’m gonna spill some tea about devrant at the comments right here. If you’re a perfectionist and/or easily infuriated by UI imperfections, don’t go at this rant comments.

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    Notifs tab background fits 6 faces in a row
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    But the main tab only fits five
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    Wow, I've been using this app for quite some time and didn't notice this before.. Your attention to detail is impeccable
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    I can't unsee this now, I hate you now.
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    @cabbybaby well, thanks :) I’m a frontend developer now, I get paid for that.
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    @C0D4 I warned you. That guy posts a slug and you see it in the feed no matter if you want this or not but I hid everything.
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    @C0D4 Yeah, Bouba broke my productivity. I'm going to blame him for everything that happens now
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    @uyouthe warnings are for amateurs, curiosity still hasn't killed this cat!

    Although I do like how the zoom level on these backgrounds is different, or maybe it's two different images 🤔

    I wonder what other views are different:

    Weekly rant - 5 icons
    Search - 6 icons
    Discussion s - 6 icons
    Supporters - 6 icons
    Rant feed - 5
    Rant + comments - 6
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    @C0D4 No directly related to the number of icons per row, but it seems the background is also a bit short when you don't have the navigation bar displayed at he bottom.
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    @dfox I'm going to sue you if this isn't fixed ASAP.
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