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    How is this related to the weekly rant?
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    @ScriptCoded Ah my bad, newcomer here. I thought that weekly rant doesn't have any context.
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    atlassian.net, in general
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    @ScriptCoded Well maybe he got family support through jira?! 🤔🤣😇
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    @curiousjoe No worries, welcome, green little circle :)

    @sladuled That is would be... Horrendous... 😂
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    @sladuled Exactly. Thoughts and prayers, OP... I mean, "tickets and issues".
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    worng tag but yeah, jira sucks, I can't like download anything cuz the fucking jira needs all my bandwith to work
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    I liked this just because of how random and out of context wk227 was.
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    Bad software for bad companies.

    Sounds fair to me.
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    Hm we don't experience such problems on our jira server. But maybe because it's hosted on our own in-house server??
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    Jira is one of those systems, where no problem can be solved without buying plugins.

    At first it feels great. And then it's all downhill from there. Complex? Yep. Difficult to create Tasks? Yep. Great for managers to create meaningless items for everyone? Yep. Graveyard of old tasks? Yep. A wet dream for wackos who want to add 50 custom fields because "our company is so unique"? Yep.

    Luckily it's usually combined with Confluence. That's the intranet-thing that sorts its pages alphabetically instead of some logical order. Also usefull if you want to create 1000 pages that nobody updates.
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    In general, Look at the database.

    A lobotomy afterwards might solve the trauma....

    Anyway: Jira needs a pretty heavy db configuration and the attached services need to be solid, too.

    Postgres should be best, since the optimizer has more possibilities, MySQL is fine, but has fewer optimization possibilities
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    Got a shutdown of bitbucket or jira 2 time in a months ... Wtf
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    @asgs nothing wrong with bitbucket except it’s not GitHub... but yeah, the rest of the Atlassian suite can eat a bag of hobo dicks.
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