One year ago, I quit my job in order to "make life easier". And by that I mean work+home in the same city. I went from 40 minutes commute - to 3 minutes. I had a blast the first week.

Then I realized that it was actually a mistake. I did not like working with "that kind of systems" and "that kind of tasks". It was tedious, stupid, and I was angry every, single day because the previous ones had built a system on 10-15 year old hardware because "it is cheaper".

That continued for a year. I discovered new stupid "solutions" every week that was potentially dangerous for the company. It built up a huge pile of shit and I started to feel that my mental health was disappearing, fast.

And equipment such as servers, switches, routers, storage started to fail because of age. Despite my warnings from day 0 to the CEO who only kinda laughed it off and said "you can to solve that", but I never got the approval to actually buy the equipment that was needed. Because "the company did'nt have the money for it". Somehow, the company had the money to buy expensive cars for the CEO - I can't really figure out that equation.

So today, one VERY old UPS died at our office. It caused some powerspike that killed off some switches and a NAS.
"Whatever" I thought, I just have to find the backup of the files and get a new one.

Then I discovered, that the NAS that acted as a iSCSI target for VM's and document storage was backed up using VEEAM on another server - that was configured to backup everything to the same NAS. I just wanted to cry, because I could not take anymore shit.

So I picked up my phone, called my old employer and asked if I could start working for them again. My old boss got insanely happy and gave me a great offer which I immediately accepted.

So tomorrow, is the day that I am going to walk into my current boss and say that I will quit. My last day will be on Christmas day. And I will start my new year with a few weeks off, and then back to the job that I actually loved.

Life is to short to work with something you hate.

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    Your old boos seems like a nice guy :)
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    Let it burn.

    And glad that you can change back to your old job...

    Cause "ignoring all the sparky stuff that could possibly ignite any second" and finding solutions to make them less dangerous sucks.

    New infrastructure is sometimes a must, not a can
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    Three months notice?
    Duh, that's harsh.
    Once I hand over my letter, each day seeing my boss is a torture to me, feeling that I am a traitor in their eyes.
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    Thats Sweden for you
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    Very much, we have had Contact weekly since I left there
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    @Linux you actually have three months notice as employed? Usually as employed you always have one month, its only the employers that have linger commitments.

    I know I had one month when I switched, and I was 48 years with 26 years at the same place.

    But maybe you have a union contract specifying a longer time.
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    Sounds like a great Christmas present to yourself. Merry Christmas!
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    @Voxera nationwide collective labor agreement or in the case of Sweden, probably in the law itself, if their law is any similar to ours, their neighbours
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    @100110111 the law specifies 1 months for the employees.

    So it must be collective agreement then.

    Last job did not use that but individual agreements which in this case was to my benefit :)

    And I also live in Sweden ;)
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    Great to see how that ended, finally a happy ending to bad experience, best of luck
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    I got really worried at the “a VERY old UPS died at our office” line until I remembered this is a tech rant
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    Nice story here, best Christmas gift.
    I was once in this kinda situation..
    My old boss still calls me once in a while to check up on me n all.
    They really miss me, hehehe ..
    their loss.
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    Cheers mate! Awesome story with a good ending. We need more of those in this industry
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