What if one day you wake up and surprisingly you find new feature by Github called Github stories.

What would it be....
Go ahead improvise.

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    github stories: watch uncle bob programming while he's taking a dump on the company toilet.
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    A place to see every commit that broke production from the past 24 hours
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    Fuck stories.

    LinkedIn is shitty and with their new UI and stories and stuff they are shittier than ever.
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    I personally don’t give a fuck I don’t do programming cause I want to be cool.
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    Doesn't matter. We use GitLab at work
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    Never understood what "stories" really were, besides that, I'm not using GitHub *shrugs*
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    "Share your best suffering screams!"
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    @phat-lasagna lol 😄
    that should be a devRant weekly
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