Vue.js, where have you been all my life? I think I love you.

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    Using it for data binding in a work project at the moment as an upgrade to Knockout. Managed to get rid of jQuery as a result 👍
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    Doing something similar revitalizing an older ASP.Net MVC app. Very easy to get working.
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    For a guy, who is not really into JS and who just read the project page for 5 minutes, can you tell me what are the advantages, disadvantages and differences between Vue.js and Angular.js. They seem quite familiar to me ...
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    @lukegv Vue is inspired by Angular and React and is very much the balance between the two. However it uses existing tech rather than something proprietary and as a result is easy to learn and doesn't depend on anything.
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    @nblackburn are there any drawbacks?
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    @slaat Not really, most were addressed in v2
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    How we code one component in Vue is really fun, easy and nice to read. The template tag using jade or plain html, setting the default style scss down bottom, dispatching events easy and infor all others folks components, or using Vuex to control states and dispatch actions to mutate it. Last one is the easy way to create a mock component with mock data and tdd bdd your new son.
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    Yeah I've looked into it and I really like it!
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    Great to see all the Vue love here! By far my favorite view library of late, for all the reasons listed here and more.
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    Someone compiled the docs into a handy Android app. Look up 'Vue.js' in the Play Store.
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    @nblackburn does it contains routing features out of the box (like react router)?
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    @ocalderon Yup, there is a package called vue-router.
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    @ocalderon You will find with Vue that nothing is included that isn't essential to the core but most likely is available as a 1st/3rd party package.
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