We commit sin just by living.

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    The definition of sin here, any1?
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    Definition : an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.
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    @Geoxion s/store/exec
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    Yup by its definition : nobody gonna prevent you from doing so 🤷‍♀️
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    Ok, religious person
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    @mr-user divine law...opening a can of worms....any particular divinity and law as sample?
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    That the can that Google opened up.

    I used a insecticide and it kill a lot of mosquito.

    I just thought for my benefit I have end a lot of life. I had end a lot of life before , I have end a lot of life now and I will end a lot of life in the future.

    If you think about it , we have end a lot of life for our benefit. Therefore we (humanity) learn to forget the "incidents/sin" in order to prevent going crazy.

    But whether you acknowledge the sin or not , we are committing a sin.

    Therefore we commit sin just by living.

    Sorry for being too philological.
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    You've done me no wrong buddy, no sorry needed :)

    It's a cycle. We inhale oxygen and give out carbon dioxide which plants use to live. Animals and insects feed in the plants. We eat the plants and the animals and the wastes goes back to earth. And when we die we go back to earth as well. Our carcass decomposes and provides nutrients back to the soil where plants can live.

    Did you kill an animal out of enjoyment?

    Did you kill a mosquito without purpose?

    I hope you did not.

    There are religions which have rules in terms of proper way to kill animals.

    For mosquitos that may bring disease, thwarting the danger on health sounds reasonable.

    I think humans are more never guiltless than sinful. At some point we always have something we regret or want to do better or stop doing. And why we feel guilty will sometimes be subjective - influenced by our surroundings and our experiences.

    Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Why not...we give happiness while living. :)
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    This platform is a sin lol
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    Living a life governed by guilt is a huge issue I have with religion. You’ll feel guilty enough along the way. Your social circle should be devoted to helping you with guilt, not shaming you into more.
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    I am not a very religious person.

    When you think about it even the most virtuous person commit sin.
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    @mr-user We are on the same page. Religion uses the concept of original sin to manipulate even good people through guilt. Bad people already don’t care, so they freely take advantage of the manipulation by appearing religious, but doing bad thing behind the scenes.

    Those bad people then use their religiousness to make good, non-religious people look bad in an attempt to make themselves look even better. All the while the good religious person does not feel they are good enough to represent the religion or confront the bad religious person because they feel everybody has flaws.

    Jesus made some good points with using original sin as an equalizer, but outside of those scenarios it gets complicated. In those scenarios where Jesus used it, just teaching empathy works just as well.

    Buddhism takes a different approach, stating that life is suffering. However, this could be seen as the suffering giving meaning to the good times. However, I need to review the finer points of Buddhism...

    I do not know enough to speak on other religions, but I know the scenario I outlined happens in them all.
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    I don't know much about Christian so I can't comment about it.

    I am Buddhist so I can comment on it. In general we believe in cycle of life and believe that life is full of suffering.

    Therefore we try to escape the cycle of life by reaching a state where we have no body or mind.

    We believe that we can reach the state which don't have body or mind by mediating. They are story that when you mediate,you gain super natural power but that is a story for another time.

    You can mediate in whichever position you want (even in sleeping position). The point of mediation is to focus and remove distraction.

    When you are not distracted , you can actually feel your inner body (that small inches on your body, the pain on your hand and so on). We believe that mediation make you feel your mortality and help you understand fundamental laws (that everyone and everything is going to die/destroy).
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    By understanding it you don't feel too much attachment and don't get too angry and so on. We believe if you don't have much attachment can reach that state of no body and mind.

    Trivial : In Buddhism praying don't help you reach that state of no body and mind. You got to actually mediate to reach that state.

    A person who reach that state actually know they reach that state.

    Enough about preaching from me. If you want to know me , just mention me.

    I am not a very religious person so I can't get into much detail.

    Additional Info : We believe that angels (in Buddhism) equivalent usually go to hell when they reach their life time and being a kings is a guarantee ticket to hell.
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