For any new ones interested in becoming a dev,
You don't know what you're getting into.

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    I'd still argue that tech is better than most fields out there.
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    For better or worse. It's also why we enjoy it. I live for the endless loop of thinking I have it figured out, only to then *actually* figure it out, repeat. Dunning Kruger is my favorite ride.
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    Yeah, get out of our lawn
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    An awesome, well paying, intellectually stimulating field?
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    Guys guys, less devs = more money for current devs
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    @RememberMe also soul sucking and social life ruining one as well.
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    @matt-jd damn!! I forgot that. You made a good point and I shall remember it.
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    @matt-jd wish it could happen
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    Well, for anyone interested in doing anything actually.. there is always a slight chance you'll regret it..

    Still better to try and see it's not for you than not trying something out at all imho.. I have more regrets in life that I didn't do something when I had a chance than I have for something I did..
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    Yh, sometimes I think that too. What are the issues?
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    If you feel like that,you're doing it wrong. Remember, client expectations are always in your hand. Don't get trapped in the management gaslighting practice that your software should be finished when they say so.
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    @iiii meh, that's any job. I was in animation for a year before this - it's worse. I have friends in core finance - definitely worse. Or culinary arts - very definitely worse.
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    I knew i'd probably end up working some kind of desk job, so I figured I would want to work a desk job where I can make cool stuff.
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