Why the fuck is it's interface so out of date.
I just had to increase its font size and took me half an hour just to find the option to do that.

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    I know! Now we both hate netbeans. And I love you <3
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    @namrata And just for the record I love you more.
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    Why not intellij?
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    @alexbrooklyn Same shit.

    Still no support for 4K screens, can't Zoom menues and interface. ctrl+mouse doesn't works out of box (You need to manualy set it in options).

    IntelliJ is somewhere in 2005.
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    @alexbrooklyn Because I just moved to eclipse.
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    @namrata @stupidsherlock get a room already XD

    Netbeans is trash, use intellij instead.

    @NoToJavaScript I'm on a 4K screen and it looks great (Ubuntu), interface is decently sized. I think it took a bit of time to configure everything properly though, but once I got it right boy I fell in love. What OS/distro are you on? Couldn't you have missed some config somewhere?
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    @stupidsherlock IMHO eclipse is also shit
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    @neeno Very well then IntelliJ I shall install.
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    Windows with System wide scaling at 175%.

    MOST of apps respect that scaling. Not IntelliJ.

    I do not know what frontend they use, but this front end ignores OS zoom settings. (Not even talking about supporting dark theme based on OS defined colors)

    Another example I have : TransmissionQT. (By the name, you already know what front end lib they use).
    When it loads: no OS scaling, if I move the window for 1 pixel, OS scaling kicks in.

    As for config, it should not be manual.
    Any app should respect OS config (Resolution, Zoom factor, colors (Accent color, secondary color, colors based on background), OS theme at least).
    But to be fair:
    Visual Studio for Windows respects ONLY Resolution and Zoom factor (OS, no way to scales menus differently). So as of right now I don’t know any IDE which respects all 4
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    @alexbrooklyn dude i hated the whole jetbrains family from the bottom of my heart.. now, 5 years later I'm owning the complete collection for 150 bucks a year.

    Best IDEs I've ever used, period.
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    @NoToJavaScript well that sucks, but it doesn't mean it's not doable. It just won't look good out of the box, but you still can configure and be able to use it.

    Also IMHO asking for apps to support OS themes is a lil bit too much, the app may require more colors and accents than the OS provides, it would be a fucking nightmare to properly implement something like that for all platforms. What apps should do is provide full theme customization so that the user can customize everything to his/her liking. Intellij lets you customize everything (thank god, I hate the original theme).

    All problems you mentioned won't prevent you from using intellij, it's just not going to be a plug-and-play experience.

    Btw, if you go to Settings > Appearance & Behavior > Appearance you can change the font size of the whole IDE (including toolbars, etc), which basically solves your problem.
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    @alexbrooklyn For me it's because I haven't noticed a difference between IntelliJ and Netbeans in the way I use it and then I'd rather support an open source community than a commercial company.

    @neeno that's subjective, not a fact.
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    @linuxxx what? Netbeans being trash? Ofc it's subjective, it's an opinion.
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    Jetbrains IDEs are the best of the worst.

    IDEs are kind of a necessary evil to effectively work with many programming languages, but they do spectacularly prove why the Unix modularity philosophy of "do one thing and do it well" is important.

    Lacking that modularity, every IDE sucks on some points, because they do so many things.

    Maybe there will be a day where more modular editors like VSCode can truly replace all the hated IDEs, but in my opinion their ecosystems are still not fully on par yet — you can't fully customize IDEs properly because they're too monolithic, and you can't fully build your own personal IDE from modular editors because certain smart components are still missing.
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    @bittersweet VSCode is very close, and in fact for some languages it's basically on par with an IDE.
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    IntelliJ 2020 is your friend.
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    @EmberQuill Many "well structured" languages don't need much of a theatre stage. For C, Rust or Haskell I have no problem using Vim or VSCode.

    JavaScript also works great in modern code editors, because they themselves are (partly) JS-based and thus have a lot of "dogfooding" going on — JS devs maintaining VSCode also use VSCode, and make plenty of extensions to make VSCode into a better JS IDE.

    But I find that for messy things with many ugly domainspecific sublanguages, like Kotlin/Android app or a substantial PHP project with all kinds of framework magic and templating shit, you just need an IDE — the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.
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    @bittersweet Possibly. I've seen some pretty good Intellisense and language server extensions for VSCode lately, but admittedly I do most of my coding in Go and Python which have fantastic support in VSCode.

    And yeah, I wasn't thinking about DSLs. Terraform in particular has had a bumpy road with VSCode support. The official extension is kind of a mess right now and worse than it was before Hashicorp took over.
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    @neeno Yeah but you said 'is trash' which is pointing something out as if it non-subjectively is, hence my comment :)
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    @linuxxx that wasn't my intention :) I just don't like the thing. I also don't see how this could be non-subjective, since saying something is bad can never be a fact, just an opinion or a statement a group of people agree on. I'm trying to think of some situation in which saying something is bad can be a fact, but I can't think of any...
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