Every Android user since 10 years ago:

iOS 14 users: WIDGETS!! Look, I have custom icons!!!

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    Amusingly... outside a clock / date widget. I've long since abandoned widgets.
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    @N00bPancakes Weather and pictures for me.
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    And how they overhype it, it's hilarious. Every influency person makes a 20 minute video about it, my girlfriend telling be about her friends now using them..

    And i sat there, my first phone had android 2.something, and thought wtf? We got that shit since day one?

    I honestly like macbooks and often find myself defending their prices. But iPhones are getting out of hand. They are more and more an overpriced joke too many people tell but nobody really getting it.^^

    I mean 1k for a smartphone which got basic UI stuff in 2020? Repeat that without laughing.
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    Me 10 years ago on Android: Meh
    Me now on iPhone: Meh
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    @nitwhiz the thing is that it's more of a status symbol and enough people will keep buying overpriced stuff as long as it has a fancy brand. Not sure why you would buy an overpriced phone unless you can afford to throw money around tho
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