Noob: I hate $foo language! It sucks!
Me: Have you used the language before?
Noob: no because it sucks!
Me: have you tried using it?
Noob: no because it sucks!
Me: so how do you know it sucks?
Noob: because all my friends that use $baaa says it sucks.
Me: ........ I see your point... sheep 🐑

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    Well, this kind of noob is no more than 14 years old...

    The good part is that you can replace $foo by everything not just languages#
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    The way I see it, whatever language you use is just a tool, sometimes some tools are better at some jobs than others.
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    I've used JavaScript and I still hate JavaScript.
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    This is the kind of shit I get from friends about php. They neither know or have used it but still say it's terrible.
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    $foo = "PHP"
    // Run Script
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    Hmm Derby people
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    As a lover of functional languages, I've had this convo many times...
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    @tyalt1 Then i assume you replace $foo with $imperativeFoo
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