I went to city department yesterday and. I picked up they are still using windows 98 :O
So I am asking the clerk, why are you still using ancient OS. Apparently It seems they have software that run only on win 98 and it is no longer maintained

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    If it’s working..
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    "Welcome to the real world!"

    Not saying that it's a good thing, but it's an unfortunate truth that many students seem to miss with their obsession with the latest framework, technology, etc.
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    you'll rarely come across a gov-managed institution that has up-to-date software. Be it healthcare, DoJ, finances or any other gov sector.

    The private sector is more inclined to stay up to date, as their stakes are at risk.

    As for gov - funds are distributed differently there, they are very limited, and institutions prefer investing them to either fix things that are broken, create new soon-to-be-broken things (esp. before elections), or a new personal car (or a house or any other personal matters) (applies to high-level mgmt only).

    Another reason - if an institution is to spend $/€ on some improvements, they must prove these improvements are unavoidably necessary in order to get the funding (does not apply if there are elections pending).

    Working for gov sucks.
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    @netikras Yeah, but when you're on a project that the elected candidate like, oh boy! You can do whatever you want :D
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    Even Starbucks until the last few years recently had a touchscreen POS system that used a DOS UI on an IBM touchscreen computer. Welcome to the corporate world where they don’t fix what ain’t broke.
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