MySQL should have a recycle bin. I just deleted whole "user" table by mistake... Forgot to add where clause properly... Had to restore 2 days old backup copy. I just hope no accounts were created or someone changed their password in last 2 days....

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    Recent backups are so important. We all feel the pain at one point. Lesson learned.
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    You performed manual queries that had potential to delete real values in a production environment... and didn't take any precautions like backing up right before using a DELETE statement? Or perhaps staging to development environment instead of production?

    You deserve this lesson.
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    @je11zi I work in a start-up... There is no test environment, only 1 production server. And these small mistakes are part of learning....
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    Mistakes happen. Check out Percona XtraBackup tool. You can setup daily incremental/full backups
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    @myDisconnect I am on AWS ec-2. Is it supported?
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    Use foreign keys with restricts. You are welcome.
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    @playmast3r your company is a start-up and the processes are already fucked up? That's sad.

    Being a start-up is no excuse, you have to do things right from the beginning or things will never be right
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    @willol it's a startup in truest sense... They have fired all employees... I am the only employee under 3 co-founders... So there is lot of stress and dismay....
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