HoD in my college is a "22 year experienced C programmer" with a PhD in CS.

One day I went to him and told, it is very hard to work with TurboC, and it isn't needed as we can easily migrate to GCC.

He asked me why was I complaining. No other student has any problem. They have been using it ever since the college started and everyone was "comfortable" with it.

I stood silent. He then went on to say, even JVM was coded in TurboC. I nodded and left the office as i didn't have an argument.

He's the same guy who had earlier said, "printf returns an array of characters printed", so I guess everything works here.

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    I feel your struggle
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    Anyone else wants to ask me why I'm so skeptical about higher education?
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    Another fancy argument why to study CS if you really love coding. Not....
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    Is TurboC even alive today? I used it 30 years ago, back in the day of 80x25 character monitors, 640kB of RAM and Miami Vice on the tube (which actually was a tube made of glass back then).
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    @Grumpy yup. Going to college, using turboC from 1991. Coming back home to customised Ubuntu installation with atom and clang. It's well, a different experience altogether.
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    Also my college has HoD with similar "credentials". Same college?
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    @abhn Indian college? I'm in high school, and I've already thrown up at the computer once. That shit is ugly af.
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    @starrickcrwford of course :). Who else would use a 29 year old tool that was last updated 10 years ago.
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    @flag0 I can totally relate to that bro.
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    @flag0 @abhn 10 years is being too generous. My college uses one from 1991
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    Same problem in Nepal. However, I used GCC and vim.
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