As a beginning designer I got a task: redesign of existing app... On the first call with developers I asked some questions for better understanding why the app looks the way it looks... How it works..... And I asked who is this app for...who will use it...who are the users..... And the devs were like.....3 minutes of silence..... And I was like...wtf? They don't even know who will use this stuff.... I immediately understood why the app looks the way it looks.. On almost every my question I obtained an answer like.... The database.... Some Backend programming stuff....and all the time I got some answer from devs like how should I code this or that... I changed every my question at least 5 Times, because I got all the time some absolutely strange answers - which had nothing to do with my questions... I felt like I run my head against a brick wall... Yeah.. Sometimes Its difficult to discuss problems with people, who are closed in their own World + when they show you zero understanding or zero effort to understand you...I felt like the collaboration with those people is some kind of punishment... πŸ˜‚....but fortunately there are still a good people who shows some effort to understand you or to comunicate... Humanity is not lost. ☺️

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    Talk to sales or whomever talks to or thinks of the customers.
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    @N00bPancakes unfortunately if they have that sort of devs I expect the sales to be equally uninterested in both customers and the developers.

    And if the redesign is not a crash high prio projects odds are customers might not even be using it, at least not most parts.
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    @Voxera actually the app is for government of one foreign country.. And it will be used quite often. I think you probably know how it looks like in huge companies.. The Working environment is not often full of people with good work habits. 😊...nevermind.. Its time to pull the pin 😊
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    Hmm I'm always surprised when I hear that people don't keep their target audience in mind. How can people come up with a design for an app that they themselves would probably give 1/5 review because the ui is shit. Same story goes for almost all software I've had to work with in a lab: nothing is user-friendly and everything is as inefficient as can be...
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