Am I the only one who's always scared out of my mind that there is gonna be some real hard ass purno blasting through my laptop speakers whenever I open it at work in the morning?

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    Me too, luckily I have a dog so all the 'yiff' sounds are drawn out by barking
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    @alexbrooklyn You bring a dog to work just in case? I might have to get one myself.
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    Maybe you should try turning off the laptop properly?
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    This reminds me of the one time I forgot to close some porn on my phone the night before and when I got to class in the morning I unlocked the phone and left it on the table. Idk for how long it was unlocked with porn playing but thankfully it was muted and I don't think anyone noticed.

    (I don't remember why I unlocked it and left it at the table, I only remember the phone was slow af, maybe I was restarting the thing for some reason and it re-opened the browser, idk)
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    @iiii Uh, grannies would turn off their laptop.
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    @theuser then use incognito
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    @melezorus34 Incognito windows won't close themselves though. I cannot reliably open my laptop from sleep without there being a big throbbing dick displayed in an incognito window 😟
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    Use one computer account for work and one account for "research".

    Make it a habit to log out of the latter account after you conclude research.
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