So we have outsourced one of systems (i dodnt had enough time to do it myself)

I know, i know, i could finish there.

We all know that there is a possibility if you need to add timestamp to table to know when row was created. Its worth mentioning its table used to count money.

So we have that thing, vouchers, and of course they have expiry date on them.

Orginal authors vanished (bielarus or how its in english, they have ongoing shitstorm, so i understand) and I needed to make a small adjustment.

So ya all would expect that field 'created_at' which defaults to current_timestamp() would be... Well current timestamp, of creation of record, right? Riiiiight?


Their hacky solutions INC decided its great idea to make that date of expiry, and current timestamp on use.
Becouee fuck logic and clarity.

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    Oh god.

    Also, it's Belarus. ;)
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    Thanks for correction.

    After further reverse-attempting-to-understand their code, it turns out that...

    It gets worse lmao.

    Voucher has 2 rows for some reason per pop, one is beeing incomplete placeholder and one of them is required to have date in future, other one has requirement to have date in past. So yeah.
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    @DubbaThony Lmao. This is some ass-backwards logic. May they be forgiven by our gods.
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