My rough assumptions on wtf is going on with covid changing our lives - maybe leading to some business ideas.
In theory we are indoctrinated from little child that to do something we need to go to special place to do things in community.
Name it :
- school,
- university,
- job,
- college
As a result we build world around communities:
- public transportation
- sidewalks
- 4 seated cars
- parks
- sports
- shopping malls
Now due to pandemic we’re unable to do so and from some time we start indoctrinating people to do lots of things remotely and stay at home:
- remote job
- shopping
Depending on how strong is our character we react to this inception differently but future generations won’t have this indoctrination of commutation deep in their minds.

Interesting 🤔

My first assumption is that robotics market will start growing exponentially.

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    Shouldn't this be a random instead of a rant?
    I think people overrate this pandemic, in my opinion no big change will happen.
    I think the biggest change will be genetic. And it's gonna be super tiny.
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    nice thoughts. I was just telling my mom that she would see a totally different generation and methodologies from now on. Their generation( atleast in india) would usually divide people into 2 categories : 1 that is working, going outside evryday, struggling and 1 that is living at home, maintaining the essentials , building a safe environment, equally struggling .

    We would be the first generation that would blend both: all bread earners staying at home and equally contributing in making the home environment. we are currently trying to make all the services come to us as near as possible. People are still gymming, jogging, going out, meeting others, etc but only because they want to, not because its a need. and thus each commodity which helps in this goal would see a boom , that's my guess. (delivery services, wfh environments and tools etc)
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    @c3r38r170 I think we underrate something we don’t understand, same as we underrate knowledge spread in the internet.
    If you think there is universal cure for any virus that changes it’s dna please share it.
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    @vane I doubt this won't be over in more than a year from now, 2 years won't change a generation.
    Either there'll be a cure, or more probably, we'll all get sick at some point. And then it's gonna be survival of the fittest. I'm no biologist but I can see you aren't neither.
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    Covid makes us acend to cyborgs much faster than we anticipated
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    @c3r38r170 genetic change?
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    @iiii Come on guys, didn't you have biology in middle school? If an interesting percent of people die, there's a change some genes are lost and have to appear through mutation again, but until then they won't be present in any living individual genome.
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    @c3r38r170 dying out people are old who have already produced their offsprings. Natural selection will not work as you think.
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    @iiii And people with respiratory problems, and aggravating diseases.
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    @c3r38r170 So you say that suddenly only people immune to covid will be born ? Or you assume we stop reproducing ourselves or more we start producing only genetically modified humans by force ? Interesting that it doesn’t work with flu.
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    @vane Dude, have you been watching too much Ben 10?
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    @c3r38r170 you know what’s cancer and how virus works ? right ?
    I just write that cancer is in fact virus. I stop the meaningless conversation here until you find any evidence of universal vaccine for any virus.
    What you’re trying to describe is bacteria and bacteria != virus.
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    @c3r38r170 those aren't necessary genetic nor being a certain death with covid.
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    Fun fact, we have a flu pandemic periodically. We will have covid pandemics periodically. We need to stop acting like jack asses and start living again. Another fun fact, isolation of the healthy causes people to no longer be exposed to flu, cold, etc. So they lose antibodies to those. Then they finally contact someone with something and are more likely to die. So this lock down shit is a time bomb for your health.
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    Guys it's about probabilities.
    If you have an amount of randomised stuff and lose a good bunch, there's a probability some things will get lost.
    I'm not talking about vaccines, immunity-related changes nor anything, it's just what happens when a lot of individuals die.
    And I'm not saying it has "happened already", I'm saying it could happen if and only if a LOT of people die, which is A POSSIBILITY if infection rates keep growing.
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    @Demolishun yeah since we know the mortality rate is low.
    But the problem with diseases that we can’t cure remains and I think covid is now just mainstream tool to get more financial support for health care research.
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    @vane Our governor literally extended the state of emergency to get more Federal money. He admitted it was not for health safety reasons. That stupid fucker put businesses out of business to get more plantation money. The idiocy in government is beyond belief at this point.
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    i think that if disappearance of actual lovalized communities won't cause the collapse of our civilization (which it might), future generations will very quickly get back to organize around them, intentionally, purely out of realizing that it's pretty much required for the mental health of individuals as well as health of the society as a whole.
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