I always feel insecure when i push my code to github as public repo.

Like what if my code is so far from standard.

What if i showed a very stupid logic.

I am very insecure when pushing my code to public repos.

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    Gotta hurt to grow. Push it, take the hits and become stronger.
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    If it helps you feel less "alone", I do the same with emails. I somehow forget everything I just typed.
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    One of the first things I ever made public on GitHub was a cli for managing Gists written all in bash, which meant that I was doing awful JSON parsing in bash. I look back and still think there's gotta be a better way to do this.

    But it still works so many years later! People liked it too. Code being standard or not standard, ugly or pretty is nowhere near as important as whether or not it works. Code that works can be refactored. Code that doesn't can't.
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    All god developers are their own wort critics.

    If you did not question you code quality you would not be prepared to learn.

    But I do sympathize with the feeling.

    On the other hand, most people on github is not there to trash others code but either to learn, to help or because they need something.
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    Just don't be passive aggressive about your code. Ran into a guy like that on github. He had zero examples and always made everything about the user being wrong even when it was clear his code had faults.
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    Embrace effortlessness. Your code is good bec... full stop. Your code is just good and that’s it. Everything is subjective so no good and no bad things, also code is art so DOUBLE no bad things.

    But if you code in php forget about what I said. You’re miserable and 100% of your code deserves only to be collected by a garbage collector because it’s garbage.
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    @uyouthe Everything is subjective...except the absolute dogma of "PHP is EVIL". LOL
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    I'm fairly certain we all feel like that. I often like "this a dumb idea" or "I'm gonna look like an idiot if I don't actually work this often enough"
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    Don’t feel alone. This is the exact reason devRant isn’t open source.

    This isn’t me condoning your decision, nor telling you not to feel bad about it. But there are others facing or learning to overcome the same obstacle.
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    Try to read code of other people.
    You are guaranteed to become way more confident about your own code...
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    This is exactly how I feel, even knowing that it is up there for anybody to look up I don't like. I do like the idea of reading other peoples repo's because most of it looks very similar to mine.
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    or stop worrying because no one looks at it anyway. works perfect for me.
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    @Oktokolo yes exactly, as well i am watching more videos of people writing code.
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