I've been working on a shader for the past few days. Lots of doing math on paper and switching to code to implement it. Yesterday after 3 or 4 hours of trying to figure out why nothing is rendering, I realized that I wrote all my * for multiplication as x. Visual Studio never let me know its a syntax error, and my fried brain saw no issue. Needless to saw my shader is still bugged to hell, but at least my multiplication works.

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    ... that shouldn't even have compiled, let alone ran.

    should have been syntax errors across the board.

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    @Midnight-shcode idk what to tell you man. It compiled perfectly, no errors. The only thing that happened was my object never rendered, but the window still did lol
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    @sddev nah, that's fine, depending on engine you use (or how your code using the shader is written) the app can still run, and the error would manifest as it did - by not rendering the objects.

    but it should still throw shader compile errors, somewhere, at some point.
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