Me: *pushes up code that should stop bad thing from happening*
Bad thing: *doesnt happen for a few hours*

Is..is it good??? Did i fix it????? Or does the thing just randomly not happen right now??????? We will never know.

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    Make a test case that reliably replicates the problem and run it with and without the fix
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    @asgs no way! 😂😂😂😂
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    I am developing server for some hardware.

    I connect to the hardware the firmware developers are developing firmware on.

    I run my server in debug mode.

    I continue coding an entirely different project that uses that server.

    Random crashes are caught on the server and I get interrupted to debug them. Found 3 or 4 crash bugs yesterday doing this.

    People developing the firmware are being re-utilized as testers.
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    you should have implemented logging in your code that goes "the bad thing was about to happen, but i prevented it"
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