Yesterday I learned there was a chat feature in StackOverflow. I learned this because I finally for once in my life have StackOverflow reputation.

Discussing my excitement:
“Guess what topic it was.”
“Was it regex?”
“It WAS regex!”

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    I spent some work hours over there, was fun tbh
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    I love regexes (regexii?)

    In college we wrote our own implementation of a regular expression engine. It was alot of fun dealing with NFAs and DFAs...I think those are the right terms
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    @BobbyTables That sounds so fun! I’m working on a regex parser to auto-code comment descriptions of regex, but I paused it long enough that I have no idea what I was doing. 😭
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    Regex is a great tool, and I was amazed once I learned how to use it.
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