During the last few days DevRant force closes each time I open it, it is just me?

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    I'm not aware of any issues. What device/Android version are you using?
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    Same for me. always have to open it twice
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    @dfox it happened to my few times ago. Might it be related to the android update few weeks back ? I know you fixed the initial issue before.

    Nexus 6p, android 7.0, patch 5 november
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    @dfox I'm on a Nexus 5x, running 7.1.1, yesterday I sent feedback and the crash report
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    Are you both using the latest version of the app? We had a regression an issue in 1.5.10 which was corrected in 1.5.11. The only crash report I see from yesterday was that specific error.
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    @Laitox it looks like you're on 1.5.10 from what I can see in our stats so that would be why you're seeing it.
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    @dfox wow! gotta love that personalized attention! Updating now, thanks! And please keep up the excellent work (:
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