Never used a mac computer before but I need a new laptop and I'm considering the option of getting a macbook. I use ubuntu so I would have a dualboot but I would really want to get into iOS development. Does anyone have experience with running Ubuntu on a macbook? Does it work well out of the box? Is there anything I'd need to think about?

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    I heard the post 2015 macbooks have shitty linux compatibility.
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    @metamourge I had good success with running Fedora on 2016 MacBook.
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    @subspace does he still use one? His move to an AMD Threadripper 3970X pc was widely reported. Probably it's not the only device he uses.
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    @metamourge I've done some research and you seem to be right. That's too bad! I was hoping I'd be able to use Ubuntu smoothly as my main OS with the added benefit of having macOS
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    Most of the price of a macbook is the brand and the ability to run macOS. If you are using linux, then there will be much cheaper options
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    At least newer (post-2017) MacBook Pros come with Bootcamp, which is a pretty convenient way to run a secondary OS on the machine. I've been running a Win10 on mine now since I needed it for work, so I can only speak of that (turned out that running Win10 on Mac hw is a more pleasurable experience than running Win10 on a high end Lenovo laptop at least), however I do have a colleague who has installed Manjaro on their machine, and at least they've had nothing bad to say about it...

    // EDIT: it was Manjaro, not Ubuntu as I originally wrote..

    PS, as soon as I don't NEED Win10 for work anymore, I'll uninstall the bugger and replace it with a linux distro (so far undecided which one)
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    @kurast Yeah, I know. The things is that I've wanted to get into ios development for a while now and I have some apps I'd like to port. The only thing holding me back is not having access to macOS.I tried making a hackintosh ou of an old Lenovo laptop once with no success. I've been thinking about getting an old used macbook but they aren't exactly cheap either. So I thought maybe it could be worth it to buy a new one and use it as my main laptop if I need to get a laptop anyway. But I don't want to spend that much on a computer just to realise that it doesn't work with Ubuntu.
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    @100110111 Yeah, one of my friends run virtualized Ubuntu on his macbook pro and he doesn't seem too have any problems with it. Im not sure how I feel about running two operating systems at the same time though. Since I'd mainly use Ubuntu, I'd rather virtualize macOS instead.
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