It looks like Olognion is shutting down due to the intersection of !money and !ads. I kind of feel like we could keep this site alive with a combination of a static site generation and/or some crowdfunding.


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    TIL that site exists...

    Is how they generate the site really the cost here?
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    It went semi-vital pretty fast, and apparently the way his bank account is set up...
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    I don't know much about it, but I guess your suggestions could work. Might want to include donations too, some people preferring a one time payment over a subscription.
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    @SortOfTested Oh i see, traded convenience for some potential scale issues and got hit by a big bill maybe?

    Granted, I absolutely do that on my crap that isn't likely to be used by anyone. Never been a problem.

    Be interesting if this can hang on with the "I don't like ads" model. That's kinda the model... don't have to like it, but that's pretty much it on the web.
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    Seems like he's just calling it a day without a valid alternative.
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    Maybe the main issue is writing the content? Server costs can be very minimal on a site that may not have millions of hits a day.
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    But whatever the solution count me in, I'll Patreon, or help setup an alternative model, github with jekyll free forever
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    Never heard of it
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    the posts are fun in the archive
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    Easy come easy go.
    Goodbye omnomnio or whatever you’re called.
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