My brotherbig brother thoght me how to program at 6. He went to a programming course in Basic. We had an Atari at home.
Almost 30 years later we still do cool shit together.

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    @developer82 wish I had a brother like that
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    @jerjer same. Hoping to maybe get a child like that? My dad and I always did fun stuff. He showed me Linux and programming and I loved it. We still talk about our current projects and fun stuff we've found today.
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    My brother told me to get information technology as major. The most beneficial advice I have ever got.. Everyone in our locality was choosing mechanical. And I have no idea what to chose. Plus no interaction with a computer till I got into first year of engineering 😅😅
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    @kyleperik nah I don't want a child
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    @jerjer well we can always find people to stick by in this crazy world of code
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