Why we hate to start from the beginning?

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    Welcome to DevRant, I don't know
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    No idea. I love starting new things.
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    Maybe because there is a multiple path you could take.
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    I think so, sometimes it's so frustrating to have multiple choices
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    Because it's lonely, in two places, the bottom and the top
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    The beginning is a lie, it's just a marker on a circle. You'll get back there at some point.
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    great example man
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    Because you can't just start from the middle, because that'd still be the beginning for you.

    Can't start from the end either, because that'd still be the beginning.

    Fuck, since when did I turn so philosophical D:
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    I'd say you'll hate to do something new for 3DEXPERIENCE, because the whole philosophy of this platform is "reuse legacy and create loopholes". Telling cha from *experience* 😜
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    Though I love starting from the beginning
    Everything's clean and tidy 🙃
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