How to become a wise programmer some tips please...

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    Study, read, do, ask, listen, and keep on learning and programming.
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    change your username to "wisecoder"
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    Do the thing (code) be adventurous, don't be afraid to make mistakes / fail, and keep doing the thing (coding).

    After doing that a lot, later worry about wisdom.

    When you start coding no amount of wisdom will help if you're not coding.
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    Learn eternal stuff. Fundamental stuff. You’ll be forever relevant and when boubas will be losing they jobs because they frameworks are deprecated, you’ll be like me now with a money printer.

    Brrrrr 🤓
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    First, stop asking stupid questions.
    Second, learn to Google instead of asking.
    Third, make many mistakes, because if you realize them, you get wiser.

    20 years later and you’re a wise coder.
    Thank me in 20 years.
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    I guess "I have a doubt" has further decayed to just doubt?
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    @SortOfTested would you accept writing some other word in the beginning of a rant like that? For example sad, rage, or happy?
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    I like schadenfreude for emotional statements, or maybe just "Question:"
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    @SortOfTested soon it will be just D
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    Watch this instructional video on developing algorithm skills:


    Look, you are wiser now!
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