Anyone who's a student and also working on a job .
How do you manage your time ?
And what's the courage level to do a certain task ?

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    I'd like to know that, too. Trying to find the time and energy to finish my degree on top of my day job seems like a mammoth task in itself...
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    Just try to prioritize one day a week for it. Or give it some workday mornings.
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    @lenssu good idea (setting time aside workday mornings)... in theory at least. Didn't work for me in practice, though, cause I got sucked into my work right away and then remembered after 2-3 hours OT that fuck I was supposed to study today as well...

    Ja tervetuloa takaisin kehittäjien someen! Oot näemmä päässyt jo vihreän pallon kirouksesta, komiaa.
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    Put the "work time" in your schedule and force yourself to work at work time and study at study time. it becomes a habit after a while.

    don't forget to give yourself "fun time" outside of just evenings too.
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    @100110111 Hehe, have to say that workday mornings didn't really work for me either (but as an idea it sounds great!).

    Takaisin ja takaisin.. Tasasta lurkkailua täällä :)
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    Hopefully you are working part time. Then you can dedicate some weekdays for work and others for study.

    And as for courage... Work on anything, but ask your teammates for opinion.
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    Come to think of it, the major obstacle in balancing studies and work is not really time management, it's flicking the switch in your brain from work mode to study mode...
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