Quick question for everyone who wasn't fully remote before march:

What kind of setup did your company provide? Did you have nice ergonomic chairs/desks? Monitors higher res than 1080p? Mechanical keyboards? How powerful was your workstation?

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    Before March:
    - i7, 32GB, 1TB Laptop
    - Dual 1920x1080 monitors
    - chair
    - desk + draws
    - good light levels
    - nice city views!
    - 1 hour commute

    - Now:
    - same laptop
    - 1 shitty 1920x1080 monitor with a bad backlight and horrendous color / contrast levels.
    - shitty chair
    - desk that's to low
    - bad light
    - same old view of my front yard
    - 0.5 second commute.
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    I should probably put mine out there if I'm asking others

    i7 16gb laptop
    mesh chair
    non adjustable desk
    adjustable monitor stands
    2 1080p monitors
    quality membrane keyboard
    fantastic natural light and air quality

    Since march I've kitted out my home setup with 2x 1440p monitors and I don't know if I can go back to 1080. The main reason I ask is I want to know if anyone out there has 1440p monitors at work. A lot of workplaces are weird about byo hardware too. So oftentimes you're just stuck with whatever they got a nice deal on from the hardware wholesaler
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    I choose the hardware, so naturally everyone gets good shit:

    - loaded Lenovo x1 gen 2 extremes, 1tb nvme, 64gb
    - 2x 16:10 1440p 28"
    - desks deep enough to accommodate them
    - tb3 dock
    - nice private office in a wework facility
    - swag computer backpack (timbuk2 authority, no $40 dell swissgear neckbeard special)
    - rocketbook
    - personal jetbrains APP license (one of our perks)
    - decent enough chairs, no one seems to care about that on our team

    I just let everyone take their shit home when we broke for covid.
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    I had a regular low end laptop, bought myself a nice chair and noise cancelling headphones. One of the companies I worked for later sent a nice high end laptop later.
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    Workstation at office was good. I managed to find a spare monitor and used to extend stuff using a HDMI via for my Laptop.

    Kickass chair and ergonomic therapist on premise. Desk phone, meetings rooms, free coffee, etc.

    After March first I used just pour myself on couch but then realised shit is gonna extend so neighbours house was empty so I took over and built my office.

    My employer offers a lot. They allowed us to take whatever furniture, tech, accessories, etc we want from office.

    I want to bring my chair and monitor and they'd even pay for transportation. I am too lazy to do it.

    I extended my internet connection to next room so all that was paid for including new hardware, installation, and monthly internet bills.

    I got a new earphones and can claim one more which is a very high end one but again too lazy to procure another one.
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    Since company is saving a lot on RE&F they are supporting this way. Work pressure is also managed well.

    We have enough leaves and yet we are given one free day off every month and I don't even apply for leaves as they are so many that they'd lapse anyway.

    I can take time off, skip meetings anytime I want for other personal work.

    So stress and ergonomics wise, we are doing good. Culture is nice and folks are good.

    Learning is little slower these days and no base package.
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    Before covid (office)
    - Dell laptop (never used it don’t know specs)
    - Personal macbook (what I actually used)
    - Chair seen on amazon for $60 USD squeaky as fuck
    - Simple small desk
    - 2 hours daily commute
    - clearly defined 8 hours mon-fri
    - internet speed 200mbps

    After covid (home)
    - Still using my mac
    - Decorative chair not intended for office work
    - Cheap plastic folding table
    - internet speed 200mbps
    - Flexible schedule
    - Boosted productivity (I have even advanced the project after hours or weekends just to try new things for personal growth)

    I really want to buy a steelcase gesture chair but I don’t know what I would do with it if I have to go back to the office eventually.
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    MacBook Pro. Decently powerful but the exact specs slip my mind at the moment. At work I had 2 4k monitors, an okay-but-not-amazing chair, and I was just using one of those Apple wireless keyboards and a touchpad. I had the option to request a sit/stand desk but didn't, because I had one at my previous job and rarely bothered standing.

    After going remote, I kept the laptop and that's about it. I have my own 4k monitor at home but I don't use it for work. I have a crappy chair that I've been meaning to replace and I'm usually just working with the laptop and no other peripherals.
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    My setup at work is similar to COD4, but with 16 gigs of RAM. Right now my home PC is almost the same but with ryzen 1600, larger storage and only one monitor (mainly because of desk space).
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    Chairs - normal. Desks - ergo. Mech kbd - ...Why...? Ofc no. Monitors >1080 - no: I had 2x 1920v1080px.

    Lappy: dell precision 5xxx-something. I7 hexacore, 32G ram, 512ssd

    although I've capped my cpu to 3.1ghz -- 4.6 causes thermal issues far too often. Also I don't need that much horsepower with Linux anyway.

    Lots of office perks
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    None. Still expected to work at the office.
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