So I know this mobile dev at work that refuses to get 'modern' with the times, i.e. using git to commit and still insists to this day, to use his sodding USB stick to copy his files into. He also point blank refuses to write any tests and wonders why bugs crop up constantly. He then blames the QAs for not finding these bugs in previous versions!

He was given the aim to 'learn and start using git' in his review for the past 4 years but somehow always gets away with never achieving them and extending it another year by sidestepping around his boss and only books those meetings in with HR so he can tech-waffle at someone who doesn't understand a word he's saying..

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    What a nightmare!
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    Chaotic evil approach - Swipe his USB stick. Corrupt half the files. See how long it takes him to convert.

    Your manager needs to grow a pair though. If someone in my team went above me for their review so the technical stuff would get skipped, I'd be re-running that review, lodging a complaint with HR that they were complicit in helping this guy skip a technical review, and probably disciplining the guy as well.

    Then again, if someone refused to write tests or use git, they wouldn't be on my team for long.
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    I have absolutely no idea how someone can survive that long without knowing how to use practically the most fundamental tool in development
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    We started off very small but got bought by a much larger company but he still is the only Apple developer in the team of devs so he just gets away with it as he works 'alone' for a lot of it.

    I don't understand it myself either! Just seems mental.. guess they feel it's more effort having to find someone else seeing as they never replaced the Android dev that left earlier this year either! 👀
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    I’d just kidnap his USB and see what happens.
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    Not using git?
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    It'll be fun if the larger company's it department decides to lock down usb ports on all company hardware (seen it happen).
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    Going over my head to get away with something I’ve been after him for literal years to learn and use?

    I’d be like
    “I am the waffler! With my Griddle of Justice, I bash the dinosaur in the head, or burn them like so. Ssssss!”

    I’d fire him like cherries jubilee.
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    Like years to adopt and learn git... yeah that's plenty to fire someone over.

    I mean even just use it and suck at... that would be progress...
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    Its gonna be fun for someone to takeover his app, thats for sure
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