The university I used to study CSE, they had some OLD computers with Windows XP in them. Also, all those computers had TWO user accounts. One with the admin access and another one with normal access. Until this, it was fine.
But the browsers installed there were so old, even normal website struggles to load properly. and so many outdated apps, kept bugging us for update, but every time we click on UPDATE, they ask for the admin password, which we didn't have. So, most of the students were frustrated about this, but nobody took any action! :/
So, I hacked one of the computers' admin password. the password was "BRIGHT". I'm like, these people are never gonna set different passwords in different computers and remember them for eternity. Definitely all passwords have to be the same, and they were! Which saved my time.
So, I shared the password with everyone in my class and now they can install any apps they want. Which made me so happy!
But You know, words travel fast! Just one day after the hacking incident, the Seniors ( & the juniors ) came to me with their laptops to find their forgotten password, which made me earn some money & eat some delicious foods, also got to meet some beautiful girls of our campus ^_^
& I used to go to other classes to hack those Admin passwords for fun ^_^ But I never told them the password until they pay me or feed me something delicious! ^_^

I miss those good old days! ^_^

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    When I was at school, we also didnt know the admin password so I created this simple windows app that looked exactly like the windows password prompt. The entered text was then saved into file. I told teacher that I needed to install some IDE to study and he fell for it, never realised what happened. I got the password and could play steam games xD
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    seems like a fairy tale
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    nom ^_^
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    @lamka02sk I guess, your solution was more "HACKY" than mine, but we both got the job done. So, cheers! ^_^
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    @theabbie Yeah, now when I look back in time, even I feel like, I was in a fairy tale. but it was fun ^_^
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